Pain is an important challenge today that needs to be managed efficiently. Pain occurs at regular intervals or at a particular time based on many factors. But the painful phase can be managed better with the use of the prescription medication, Tramadol as it is listed under the pain medication of the drug class.

If you are facing regular phases of pain or the ones due to an accident, injury and inflammation, you can use the doctor recommended dose of Tramadol .

Pain can come in many forms and once such chronic pain affect people with conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, nerve pain and much more. Tramadol Extended release oral tablets and immediate release oral tablets can be used to manage chronic pain, since these oral tablets tend to induce a prolonged release of the active ingredients.

Tramadol is not to be consumed or administered for very minor pain that can be treated using various other means without any side effects. Also, make sure you follow an individualized approach for Tramadol by starting from the lowest dose and then gradually move towards high doses based on the tolerability and pain intensity. So take Tramadol as per your doctor recommends and take it only if you are recommended to use it by your physician.

Studies and clinical trials shows that the usual Tramadol dosage for pain in adults is 50 to 100mg as oral tablets, every 4 to 7 hours based on the pain. For adults who don’t experience frequent onset of pain, they can start off with 25mg once per day and then gradually increase increments up to three or four times a day. But make sure not to surpass the mark of 400mg per day.

The dosage for extended release tablets in adults is 100mg once a day and the dosage can be upgraded up to an extra 100mg every 5 days or so. But the maximum dosage limit needs to be restricted around 300mg.
For the elderly people above 75 years of age, the maximum dosage of immediate release oral tablets must be limited to 300mg for both acute and chronic pain.

All these dosage information are released by FDA access data for the Tramadol medication. Although it is published by the FDA, before using it, doctor consultation is a must.

Tramadol must be administered only till the treatment course period and if pain persists for a long time, it is better to consult a doctor in those cases.

Tramadol is said to be effective for pain when it is taken as per the recommended doses. On the other side, it does induce certain minimum side effects like nausea, drowsiness, difficulty in breathing, seizures, fever, appetite loss, depression and much more.

Tramadol can also cause adverse effects due to drug interactions with alcohol, anti-depressants, MAO inhibitors, opioids and other medications taken for seizures. Tramadol should not be stopped abruptly and the process needs to be taken up gradually to prevent the symptoms of withdrawal and addiction effects.

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